The Three Most Popular Online Slot Games

There’s never been a wider variety of slots games for players to choose between. Designing and developing new games is now a major industry with customers demanding not just ever better graphics and performance, but also tie in with big money entertainment franchises too. It’s no surprise that classic games such as The Dark Knight continue to be very popular with players for this very reason, yet the latest cutting edge games have started to supersede many of the old favorites. However for now the old classics still continue to pack a major punch when it comes to overall popularity.

A significant contributory factor behind this is that game technology has come a long way fast. Companies such as the market leading Microgaming studio develop their games to make maximum use of the incredible power offered by modern smartphones. This is why all the the 3 most popular online slots games have been optimized not just for playing in a web browser but also as dedicated apps too.

This crossover between device compatibility is extremely important to the modern slots player. While all the leading casinos have developed their platforms to be as great an experience on the go as when played on a PC, a special note ought to be made of Redflush Online Casino. When it comes to hosting an industry leading portfolio of the best contemporary games they’re the best in the business, sourcing the vast majority of their slots games from the finest production companies out there. Make no mistake thanks to their staggering portfolio of fun and fascinating games, it’s a golden time for slots!

The 3 Most Popular Online Slots Games

Gonzo’s Quest


Any online casino worth it’s salt will have Gonzo’s Quest within it’s gaming line up. This is a classic game that has been around since 2010 and yet still manages to keep graphical and performance parity with more recent releases. What charms people towards this great game is that Gonzo – who is exploring Peru in search of gold – is an endearingly entertaining character, and his antics really make the game great fun to play.

Gonzo’s Quest is well regarded by experienced players for offering one of the most generous payout structures out there. This is largely thanks to the pioneering ‘avalanche’ mode that the reels fall in, making it possible for players to win several times over in just a single spin. Theoretically it’s possible for players to hit a staggering 1850X jackpot – which is why the game has a spin maximum of $100! Without question this is one of the best and most benevolent slots games to be found anywhere.

Pharaoh’s Fortune


Another classic game that it very much one for the purist slots player, this timeless game offers ten pay lines rather than the typical fifteen and as such is one for the very committed player! Pharaoh’s Fortune has been updated a couple of times since it has been released with modest graphical tweaks, but as a simple game with possibly some of the most exciting bonus games anywhere it’s a firm favorite.

Mobile versions of this game are also among the most popular as it’s simple format and layout really lends itself to the smaller screen. Payout opportunities are slightly lower than most slots due to the reel layout but can often lead to sizable rewards thanks to a very generous ‘repeat’ option. It’s a high stakes game – but also available in free play mode too!



It should come as no surprise that a slots game based upon big cats is always going to attract a healthy number of people! Yet this is also an absolutely fantastic game that also manages to play extremely well on mobile devices. There was some concern how well it would transition to the smaller screen as this is one of very few slots that offer split and wild tiles. Consequently there’s plenty more opportunity for the player to progress into the lucrative bonus rounds.

Already a firm favorite in bricks and mortar casinos across the globe this is one of the best slot games for both real money and fun play. The online/mobile experience is identical to that found in casinos, including one of the most entertaining audio packages ever developed.

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